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Are you a lover of art and nature?

Have you always wanted to paint realistic flowers and plants in watercolour but feel daunted by the prospect of where and how to start?

Are you an artist who wants to improve and develop your skills?

Are you frustrated by lack of progression in your art and unsure of how to further develop your own style in painting?

Join me on my online art course ‘Botanical Elements’. This course is based on the seven elements of art – LINE, SHAPE, TONE, FORM, COLOUR, TEXTURE, SPACE and shows you how to successfully apply these elements to contemporary botanical painting.

There will be lots of practical advice and useful tips on how to develop your artistic skills. Learn how to draw accurately and elegantly, how master the different techniques of watercolour painting, and how to make the right colour choices for your paintings.

Above all, I want to show you how to enjoy the process of botanical painting.

Why take this course?

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the art of botanical drawing and painting from the comfort of their own home, working entirely at their own pace. All you need is access to a computer and internet, basic art materials and enthusiasm!

I can help you

Ever since I was a child, I have been passionate about art and the natural world. Painting is my way of relaxing and immersing myself in the beauty of nature.

I am a self-taught watercolorist. My first botanical paintings were inspired by the ‘natural treasures’ that my young daughters brought home to me. As my skills developed, I realised that this was something that I really wanted to do full time. I studied with the Society of Botanical Artists and since graduating in 2012, have gone on to win numerous awards for my work. In 2018, I designed a set of postage stamps for Ireland featuring native Irish bees.

Teaching helps me to share my passion

For the past three years, I have taught the Online Botanical Art Course for London Art College and continue to work as a tutor for the Society of Botanical Artists Diploma Course. I give regular workshops both in Ireland and abroad. This experience has given me a unique insight into the challenges and issues that many emerging artists face. I have developed a clear and systematic approach to teaching my methods and feel immensely proud when I see my students achieve their own creative ambitions.


Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience, this course will guide you towards becoming a better artist.

Course Overview

The Botanical Elements Course is based on the seven elements of art – LINE, SHAPE, TONE, FORM, COLOUR, TEXTURE, SPACE and shows you how to successfully apply these elements to contemporary botanical painting.

The course consists of six modules, each based around an element, with easy to follow notes, exercises to help you develop your skills, and an assignment that allows you to apply the techniques learned.  You will be given a detailed written critique on each completed assignment, pointing out your strengths and any areas that might need improvement. Guidance and email support will be given throughout the course.

The course will also take you through all the essential steps needed, from ‘botany for the artist’, to setting up your studio, choosing the right art materials, and creating a fully finished painting. You will be given clear step-by-step explanations of the fundamental techniques needed to draw and paint accurately and with style. As well as practical advice, there will be tips on how to avoid and fix common mistakes, and how to present your work.

The course is designed to get you to ‘think’ as a botanical artist, so you will be encouraged to work from subjects of your own choosing, and to work from life rather than a photograph.

Best of all, this course allows you to work at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Areas covered:

  • Studio Set-up and Equipment
  • Basic Botany for Artists
  • Creating a Study Page
  • The Language of Line
  • Seeing Light and Shadow
  • Sculptural Form
  • Colour Theory
  • Texture and Pattern
  • Space – the final frontier

Skills Learned:

  • Measured Drawing
  • Aerial Perspective
  • Tonal Studies (graphite & watercolour)
  • Watercolour Techniques (wet-in-wet, wet-in damp, glazing, dry-brush)
  • Accurate Colour mixing
  • Creating texture and details
  • Finishing and presenting your work
  • Correcting mistakes

How the Course Works

It’s simple.

Sign up for the course by clicking on the button below. You can pay in full €495 or in three payments of €175

Once you have paid, you will be sent a Student Number and a Password to access the Student Area of the website where you will find everything that you need to complete the course, including how to submit completed assignments for feedback. You will also be sent an invitation to join a private Facebook Group (optional) where you can meet other students, ask questions and just ‘hang out’. Please note that there are a limited number of spaces on this course so book quickly!

For more information, please click on the button below to access the FAQ

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