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Please feel free to contact us if we have not managed to answer your question, or for any further information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Can I order online?

Yes! We use a fully secure online enrolment form which uses secure sockets layer (SSL), a combination of public and private key encryption. This provides a highly secure as well as fast means of both encryption and authentication. However, if you’d prefer not to enrol online, it’s just as easy to enrol over the phone, by fax or by post. please see our ordering page for more details. Once you have enrolled with us, you receive your course and assignments.

Do I need any qualifications before I enrol?

No previous experience or qualifications are required. However, many students really improve their confidence with either the ‘Beginners Drawing’ (B1) or ‘Beginners Painting’ (B2) before going onto other courses, when they might otherwise have struggled initially.

How is work sent and critiqued?

Each course is divided into progressive study units and at various points students are asked to submit the best examples of their work to date to the course artist to consider and critique. The critiques are produced individually in response to each submission and are sent to the student with the work they have just sent in. Thus the student builds up a reference library of their original study units, their course artists critiques and a growing portfolio of their own work.

If I start the course and decide its not suitable for me could I stop paying the instalments?

The student has fourteen days to decide if the course is suitable. During this period it can be returned for a full refund of the fee paid so long as the course materials are not damaged. After the fourteen days, there is a legal obligation to continue the monthly payments until full payment is made. Obviously if there are special reasons why a person needs to drop out, we may waive our rights to further payments, but this is at our discretion.

There is no examination to sit, but the College awards students a letter of completion or a certificate/diploma at Pass, Pass with Merit or Pass with Distinction grade depending on achievement and application.

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