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Photographing and Submitting Assignments

HomePhotographing and Submitting Assignments

Once you have completed the artwork for the assignment, you will need to create a digital image of the artwork for submission and email it to me.



Assignments are to be submitted by email to shevaun@shevaundoherty.com

Please write ARTWORK FOR FEEDBACK in the subject line of your email.

Images must be sent as a JPG or PNG.

Images: Please make sure that the image is a good representation of your artwork. The image must be in focus, not too dark, the right way up and large enough to be viewed clearly. If sending more than one image, please send them together in one email.

Please send only the relevant image/images for the assignment.

Notes: Notes on your Assignment can be sent as a word document or pdf or even in the body of your email to me



There are a number of ways to do this –

  1. Photograph your artwork with your smart phone or tablet
  2. Photograph your artwork with a camera and upload the image to your laptop or pc
  3. Scan your artwork and upload the image to your laptop or pc
  4. Find a teenager and get them to do it for you

Tips on Photographing your artwork

  • Use natural light when possible. The best lighting condition for photographing work is on bright day.
  • Don’t photograph your artwork in direct sunlight. The strong light can affect the colors in the image and create unwanted shadows on the paper.
  • The best time of day to photograph artwork is between 10am and 2pm. Early morning light has a warm cast, whilst photographing work in the afternoon can give your white paper a blueish cast.
  • Place the artwork flat onto a table or on the floor near the window.
  • If you are unable to use natural light, use a daylight lamp rather than a regular light to illuminate your artwork. Tungsten bulbs give off a yellow light and it is difficult to get a true representation of your artwork. Consider investing in a Softbox lighting kit which helps diffuse the light evenly over the surface of the painting.
  • Hold your smartphone/tablet/camera so that the lens is parallel to the artwork. Check that the four edges of the painting align with the edges of the screen so as not to distort the painting. You can always crop the image later if there is too much space in the image.
  • With smartphones and tablets, tap the screen to set the focus on the artwork. Make sure that the image is not blurry by zooming in on the image after you have taken it.


  • Most smartphones have built-in stabilizers to counteract unsteady hands, but sometimes the details of the artwork are not clear. When taking a photograph, it helps to keep your elbows at your sides and to breathe in deeply before clicking the button.
  • A selfie stick or flexible tripod can help stabilise the smartphone. My selfie-stick also doubles up as a useful subject holder whilst painting!
artist desk with palette and colour charts

Using a selfie-stick to hold your painting subject in position

Scanning your artwork

Home scanners are very useful but the harsh light doesn’t always capture the subtlety of colour in your painting. I use a professional printer with a deep-bed scanner to scan my artwork. This is an expensive option and for the purpose of the course, not necessary.


Editing your image

If you wish to edit or crop your image, please do. However, please make sure that the image is a true representation of your work.

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